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Perth Fiberglass Planter Box

Perth Fiberglass Planter Box

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Our Perth Fiberglass Planter Box sure does prove that not all plant planters are created equal. With a timeless design highlighted by a body that is impressively tall, these unique planters are key to properly planting and displaying large leafy plants, cacti or floral selections which produce towering blooms.

Each of these tall garden planters by Jay Scotts measures 36" long and 42" tall, which means they offer plenty of planting room and also don't take up too much space when set out on your patio, deck or entryway. This is why our tall planters are preferred over those obstructive over-sized bowl planters that sit low to the ground.

The rectangular pot planters are made out of top quality fiberglass in order to make sure they are strong, easy to move and virtually weather proof. The resilience and durability of the fiberglass allows you to use these as outdoor planter boxes or indoor planter pots as desired.

Combine our Perth Fiberglass Planter Boxes in shades of glossy white, silver and black to design a space that is chic and sophisticated or pair the glossy eggplant and tangerine ones with other planters to bring a touch of robust color to your space

- Material: fiberglass
- Lightweight
- Exceptionally sturdy
- Versatile
- Durable
- Maintenance-free
- Can be used outdoor and indoor
- Great for home and commercial setting
- Frost resistant
- Lip: 1.5-2"
- Dimensions:
Small - Exterior: 36 x 16 x 42", interior: 33.25 X 13.2", weight: 98 lbs
Medium - Exterior: 48 x 16 x 42", interior: 45 X 13.2", weight: 135 lbs

- Sizes may vary by up to 2% of noted dimensions and weights
- Planters with holes drilled are non returnable and non exchangeable
- 25% manufacturer restocking fee if returned
- This product will take 2 weeks to ship.
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