Vendor Compliance Expectations

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In order to build a positive partnership with our vendors, Chic Commerce/ has developed this Vendor Compliance Manual. Please review and understand all of our requirements below:


Our expectation is that our vendors ship items within 2-3 business days. If you have different lead times or expect shipping delays, please inform us immediately. It is very important to ship all orders on time and to communicate all shipping delays to the customer.

Lack of communication regarding shipping delays might result order cancelations by customers. In this case our company is not responsible for any cancelation fee or the cost of goods. 


Vendors are required to ship all purchase orders complete. Any missing item might result in additional shipping charges which will be the vendor’s responsibility.

Quantities, styles, colors, and sizes must be shipped as indicated on the Purchase Order; no substitutions unless written authorization is obtained. 


Once we receive an order, we will send the vendor a Purchase Order (PO) via email. It will include vendor’s SKUs, product names, and number of units desired. In the event that an order cannot be processed, vendors must contact us within 24 hours from receiving the PO.


We prefer to use vendors' shipping account to ship orders. Please include the shipping cost on your invoice.

Vendors require to send us a tracking code of the order as soon as the package is ready for pickup by couriers.  


It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide quality product and packaging sufficient to protect the item during shipping. If a customer returns a vendor’s product due to a shipping damage, we will contact the vendor for a replacement. Vendors will be responsible for the shipping cost of the replacement.

Please make sure the wholesale price is not stated on the Packing Slip. 


Vendors will send an invoice via email after receiving a PO. We will prepay all orders (product+shipping cost) with a credit card. 


Vendors are required to let us know any planned or unplanned events that could extend normal lead times, for example: company holidays, warehouse closures, etc. This will allow us to notify customers accordingly.


Our return policy allows customers to return a product for a refund within 30 days of delivery as long as the item is in new condition and in the original packaging. If vendors have a different return policy, please let us know.


For any questions, contact your Chic Commerce Buyer or