Protecting Balcony Plants from Winter Cold: Things You Should Do

Protecting Balcony Plants from Winter Cold: Things You Should Do

winter plantWhile there are a lot of things that can make you excited for the winter, there are also problems that would require your consideration, especially when it comes to gardening. Generally speaking, the cold could be a source of stress for the plants, and hence, will inevitably have a negative impact on its survival. With such, it is important to know how to protect outdoor balcony plants from cold. Keep on reading and learn more about some of the things that should be done to offer protection from frost, moisture, and dryness, among other problems that are associated with winter.

Remove Dead Leaves and Bulbs
One of the first things that you should do on how to protect outdoor balcony plants from cold is to take out any visible part of the plant that is already dead, such as leaves and bulbs. When there are dead parts of the plant, it requires using more energy for it to survive. Therefore, when you remove these dead parts, there will be no more need for the plant to waste its energy.

winter plantCover the Roots
As we all know, the root is an essential part of plants and will require special care to make sure of healthy growth. During the winter, when roots are exposed to the cold, they become more prone to damages. Therefore, one thing that can be done is to cover the roots. You can use bark mulch, straw, or autumn leaves to do this. Make sure to choose one based on what is perfect for the specific plant in the balcony that you have.

Water Plants Sufficiently
Those who are thinking about how to protect outdoor balcony plants from cold should also know the importance of providing them with sufficient water. When the sun is out and when there is strong wind, the plant would need more water. If the leaves are wilted, such is one of the first indications that it is in need of more water. See to it, however, that water will run continuously until the end of the pot to prevent frost.

eco-planterChoose The Right Container
Another practical tip on how to protect outdoor balcony plants from cold is to purchase the right pots or planters. See to it that the pots will not be too brittle and that it can withstand the cold. Some of the best materials that can be considered include Styrofoam, polyurethane, plastic, wood, concrete, and fiberglass. Plastic is excellent because of being lightweight and has the ability to conserve moisture. Concrete and stone, on the other hand, although heavy, can help maintain temperature and moisture of the soil. Bubble wrapping can even be done to provide additional protection for the pot.


Recommended weather-resistant planters:

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3. Alora Rectangle Planter by NMN Designs

4. Case Study Ceramic Wok Pot Planter with Wood Stand by Modernica

5. Case Study Ceramic Bullet Pot Planter by Modernica

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