Decorating Your Apartment Balcony for Christmas

Decorating Your Apartment Balcony for Christmas

christmas-balconyHaving a small balcony may make you feel like there is no space for festive Christmas decorations. No matter how much available room you have on your balcony, you can still showcase your love for the holiday season. 

You first need to make sure the products you are about to purchase fit in your space. Then decide on a theme that makes your decorations look put together. For example, you can choose classic holiday colors like red, green, or silver. You can also choose anything that showcases Christmas themes like candy canes, snowflakes, and angels. Take a look at these suggested Christmas decorations and determine which best fit your apartment balcony.

1. Poinsettias
Purchase several poinsettia plants from your local grocery stores. They are a beautiful symbol of Christmas and they will add a festive splash of color to your balcony.

2. Christmas Trees
Set up a small to medium sized of Christmas tree in the corner of your balcony. Make sure to pick ornaments that withstand wind, snow, or below freezing temperature

balconychristmaswreath3. Christmas Lights
Before you purchase the lights, check if you have an outlet on your balcony or a way to run power from inside by using an outdoor extension cord. Make sure the cord is not on anyone’s way. Purchase “outdoor only” Christmas lights, Consider stringing the lights around pots, branches, or railings.

4. Wreath
One or more evergreen or pine cone wreath can be hung on a balcony railing to create a beautiful focal point to your balcony. You can make your own wreath or purchase the pre-made ones from the local store close by your home

5. Furniture in classic Holiday colors
If space allows, showcase your love for the season with furniture in classic Holiday colors from our store. Everything in red, green, silver, and white can be easily found in our collection page.

Get creative! Decorating your apartment balcony for the Holidays is a good way to put you and everyone else in a good mood.





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