5 Effortless Projects for Beginners

5 Effortless Projects for Beginners

Some people think gardening is difficult. They think of it as backbreaking work or something that requires a “green thumb” to be successful. 

Anyone can garden. You just need a little knowledge about plants, some tools and materials, and nature will help you along. With patience and diligence, you can have a small oasis in the city, or a backyard garden bursting with fresh delicious produce.  

It’s time to play in the dirt! Try these easy gardening projects and start growing your own green veggies.  

Project # 1: One Pot Vegetable Garden 

one pot vegetable garden for begginerFor first-time gardeners, this simple garden project promises great rewards. A one pot garden is a collection of your favorite edible plants grown together in a single container. You only need a container, soil and seeds of the plants of your choice to get started. To ensure a good harvest, give the vegetables enough space to grow and place the container in a favorable place with ample sunlight. Get Glowpear self-watering planters (see picture), you'll never have to worry about forgetting to water your plants again.

Project #2: Indoor Compost Garden

Make the most of your organic kitchen waste with an indoor compost garden. Get a box, fill it with soil, gravel, and add a little water. Place waste cuttings from root crops such as carrots and beets into your compost garden. Place the box near a window to provide the plants with sufficient sunlight.

Project #3: Vertical Garden

vertical garden planterVertical gardens come in variations. They can be done on walls, fences, used standing cabinets, or even on recycled materials. The main idea is to build a garden upward using pots, containers, or wall planters (see our wall planters collection). Edible or ornamental plants can be used, depending on your preference. Just fill in the pockets with soil and plant your favorite herbs in them. Check out our vertical garden planters.

Project # 4: Hanging Bonsai Garden

This kind of garden is perfect for city dwellers. You just need peat moss, cotton twine, a bit of bonsai soil, and aerial plants to make hanging bonsais that can brighten up your home. Choose plants with small root bases for your hanging bonsai. Keep in mind to mix the right ratio of peat moss to bonsai soil (7:3) to create the perfect base with clay-like consistency.  

Project #5: A Green Terrarium

uncharted territory twig terrariumsDon’t have space for a greenhouse? Try a miniature one or a green terrarium. To make a green terrarium, you need a clear glass container, small plants, pebbles or rocks, activated charcoal, and soil. In layering the materials, the pebbles go at the bottom, the activated charcoal fills the middle, and soil at the top. Check out our readymade and DIY terrarium kits


With these easy gardening projects, you can start greening your home with minimal effort. You can even use up-cycled materials such as bottles, broken down furniture or old kitchen wares in your gardens to reduce cost. Try these projects today and see where your new green thumb can take you!  

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